Contemporary Abstracts - Kathleen Conover Fine Art
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Contemporary Abstracts

An abstract painter at heart, Kathleen enjoys non-objective painting and a strong abstract “under structure” is a dominant theme in all her work.  Motion, design and texture are paramount components in this series.


Watercolor has a spirit of its own and is my chosen partner in painting.  I work with the fluidity, the chemical make up of paints  and the free flowing qualities of color for each abstract start of a painting.   Working with natures’s elements of water, earth (pigment) and temperature, I capture nature’s lace: that intricate frost pattern often seen on windows.  

Fine Art Watercolor
Industrial Morph
Winter Dynamic I
The Dance
Amethyst Ice
Winter Dynamic II - Original Painting
Winter Dynamic II
January Jewels
Spring UP North
Aerial View
Night Magic
Wind in My Sails
Crossing Paths
Charting My Destiny
Newborn Day
Roc Dance